As an alternative to face-to-face therapy, we offer telehealth sessions. Telehealth sessions are delivered through online services to your laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet/iPad, with a camera, microphone, speakers (you can use your headphones for more privacy) and a reliable internet connection.  

Tips for preparing for telehealth services

Maintain privacy: Make sure you have a suitable private space. Think about who else can potentially overhear the conversation. Who else will be in the room? Who is in the room next door?

Minimise distractions: Remove potential distractions from the room (e.g., mobile phone turned to silent, and notifications turned off, turn off music/television, no interruptions from others, ensure children are cared for during the session so you don’t need to attend to them).

Access to technology: Make sure you have access to appropriate technology (e.g., computer/tablet/phone, camera, microphone) and a reliable internet connection for videoconferencing, telephone or mobile with reliable coverage.

Good visibility: Position the camera appropriately so the therapist can see you clearly on the screen. Make sure you are in a space that is well-lit, allowing a clear image where possible. However, if you feel uncomfortable in having your camera on, please advise your therapist upon your first consult.

Questions: Think about any questions you have for your therapist/coach about telehealth services (e.g., privacy and security queries).