Photo of Janine Defontaine, a red head and Adult ADHD coach, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black top, and is standing in front of a brown building and green trees.
Janine Defontaine Adult ADHD Coach

Janine Defontaine

Adult ADHD Coach, Life, Health & Wellness Coach

Janine Defontaine is a passionate ADHD coach, mentor and certified ADHD practitioner, and health and wellness coach. 

Specialising in supporting late-diagnosed ADHD individuals and AuDHDers, Janine’s mission is clear: to guide her clients toward a deep understanding of their neurodivergent self, support them to develop strategies and embrace their interests and strengths, and prioritise their health and wellness to thrive their unique way.

Since 2014, Janine has dedicated herself to coaching, mentoring, and managing neurodivergent individuals and people with lived experience of mental health challenges. However, it was her own journey with ADHD, culminating in a diagnosis at 45 and subsequent burnout, that truly ignited her passion for supporting late-diagnosed ADHD and Neurodivergent women like herself.

Driven by a desire to fill the gap in resources tailored to late-diagnosed individuals, Janine is committed to making a meaningful difference in their lives. Her approach is deeply rooted in empathy and understanding as she guides her clients through the process of self-discovery and acceptance.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Janine finds solace in her special interests, whether it’s diving into a good book, conquering a challenging jigsaw puzzle, or exploring the outdoors with her beloved rescue Doberman, Freya.

Janine is based in the Perth, Western Australia, and is available for telehealth consults worldwide. Connect with Janine and learn more about her story and her work at