EnviroTech Day Gympie Qld 2021

Today we (Barb & Paul [AG]) checked out the EnviroTech Day in Gympie. It was a great event held in Nelson Park with a few displays of sustainable options in how we can potentially make small changes that benefit our environment. Many people were incredibly helpful and knowledge and learned so much about what we have locally to Gympie and future projects that are in the process of coming to the Gympie and Wide Bay region.

Drive By Nature – 3 Wheeled Electric Vehicle

There was some very cool electric vehicles, some that you can buy standard, others the people have modified or created from scratch. One of my favourites was the 3 wheeled purple beastie built by Drive By Nature in 2007 (check out drivebynature.com).

There was a very nice Tesla, Barb, really, really wants one of these and has been a passenger in one in the USA that was a taxi. Now that is a pretty cool way to travel!

Fatboy electric scooter certainly looked like a fun way to travel and can carry two people!

Fatboy Electric Scooter

Oz-DIY Electric Vehicles gave us heaps of information on how to convert your car to electric. AG was really, really interested as he is currently eyeing off my BT50 Ute to convert it into electric.

Environmentally, there was Fraser Coast Micro Bats inc. and learnt a little bit more on how these wonderful little bats are great pollenators and also eat lots and lot of mosquitos. It is so important to have these little creatures in the ecosystem.

Koala Action Gympie Region are so passionate about ensuring the wellbeing of the koala in the area and Gympie Landcare in ensuring vegetation is right for our region.

Another interesting project that is proposed for the region is a wind farm that will be within local forestry called the Forster Wind Project. This a great was that government land is also used in establishing sustainable options in energy. Plus many of these projects are bringing so many jobs to the region which we certainly need!

Other great people there were smart sinks for construction sites to reduce water wastage, as do EcoFlo with composting toilets and TrueGrid with a very clever idea for vehicle parking using 100 recycled plastic to create parking pads. The grass can grow through this as well and you just mow over it. So much better than large spaces of bitumen or concrete car parks!!

Refreshments were local also, with Lotza Limez, a local Organic Lime farm with delicious lime cordials and baked bean and cheese jaffles!! Yummo!!

We had a great chat with Gympie and District Sustainability Alliance and was really happy at how well we are doing in how little energy we use at home. We currently use less than a single person household and was told we will most likely be the lowest consumers of energy he meets with today and that is something to be very proud of! Now that was really awesome to learn how well we are doing and is something we have consciously worked on for many, many years as we are very passionate about our environment and doing things sustainably. If we all did this, just imagine how big that impact would be!

So much inspiration and insight came from today and really got our minds thinking just how much we can do in working together with environment and sustainability in providing ways for neurodivergent people in finding and working in careers that are meaningful and beneficial to the planet.

Stay tuned for some cool ideas on some projects, groups and learning we will be creating around these sectors, that we will be delivering from our very own NeuroDiversity Hub in Gympie!

Here are some links to the websites of some of the wonderful people and projects we saw today:

Koala Action Gympie Region Inc.


Gympie Landcare


Forest Wind Project


Gympie and District Sustainability Alliance


Smart Sinks




Lotza Limez


Drive By Nature


Australian Electric Vehicle Association


Oz-DIY Electric Vehicles


Zero Emissions Noosa


True Grid


For more on the EnviroTech Day click HERE.  

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