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About our BRIEF Autism/ADHD Assessments for Adults

Why a BRIEF Autism/ADHD Assessment for Adults?

We are providing these low-cost assessments as we know formal diagnostic assessments can be expensive and often extremely long wait times to get in to see someone. We want to change that by helping people in the right direction of getting support and understanding sooner, rather than much later.

The BRIEF Autism/ADHD Assessments for Adults are for people wishing to validate their identity and assist them on learning more about their true selves allowing them to make effective and positive changes to their wellbeing and lives.

Who performs the assessments?

At NeuroDiversity Hub, we have a team of qualified and experienced Autistic and Neurodivergent allied health providers who offer affordable, respectful diagnostic services to Neurodivergent people, nationally and internationally, through secure telehealth sessions, and in person.

Our team is highly experienced in assessing autism/ADHD in women and girls and recognising the nuanced differences of the internalised profile of autism in all people. Our practice Director Barb Cook provides extensive guidance, supervision and training to the NeuroDiversity Hub team and extends her supervision and training to a variety of health professionals across Australia, USA and UK. 

Our team members are also trained and experienced in gender presentation differenced in Autism/ADHD.

NeuroDiversity Hub is a neuro-affirming practice.

Who is this for?

Adults aged 18+.

How does the assessment process work?

Assessments are performed via telehealth and we will accommodate your needs where possible.

To ensure the process is considerate of your needs, the assessment takes place over five stages:

Initial booking

Upon booking an assessment with NeuroDiversity Hub, we will send you information about what to expect from the assessment and an intake form to complete. We will also send you information about how to prepare for the assessment.

We will also answer any questions or concerns you have.

Please note, a non-refundable deposit of $600 AUD is required upon booking to hold your assessment spot. After your assessment has been conducted, a final invoice for the remaining $600 AUD will be sent to you and payment required before report is sent to you. 

We recommend reading information on this page on how to prepare for an autism assessment. Read More HERE.

Initial consultation

The initial consultation involves a two-hour semi-structured interview with a suitably qualified and trained allied health professional using the DSM-5 criteria.

Assessment questionnaires

For the assessment, you will complete questionnaires we send to you, and depending on what type of assessment you require, you may also be sent invitations to complete questionnaires via an online portal. We will send some of the questionnaires to you via email for you to complete. We will send you invitations to complete other questionnaires via a secure online portal called Q-Global (Pearson Clinical) and MHS Online Assessment Centre +.

Short Report

After we have completed the two-hour interview and received the completed questionnaires, we will interpret the scores from the assessments and write a comprehensive report, approximately four to eight pages long, outlining our findings.

We will then book a 30 minute follow-up appointment with you to discuss our findings and the contents of the report.

Payment in full is to be made prior to receipt of the final assessment report. Payment can be made via our portal, or we can send you an invoice.

Follow-up session

A follow-up appointment should be booked within two to three weeks of the interview and completion of the questionnaires. You can request us to book this for you or you can book this via our online booking system. During this second appointment, we will discuss the report findings with you and answer any questions you may have. We will also provide referrals to applicable community resources if needed.

If you have questions throughout the process, don’t hesitate to ask us as soon as possible.

Telehealth appointments and accessibility

For telehealth appointments, you will need access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a secure internet connection. We will meet over Zoom, which is free to use and utilises video and audio. Your webcam and microphone will need to be enabled for the sessions. We are unable to conduct an assessment without video/webcam enabled as being able to see you is a requirement for assessment. You can use live captioning during telehealth appointments. This can be turned on/off at the beginning of the session according to your requirements.

If you require any support or accommodations to assist you with your assessment process, please let us know in advance of your appointment so we can best assist and support you.

How much does the assessment cost?

The cost for the BRIEF Autism/ADHD Assessments for Adults is $1200.00 AUD.

A non-refundable deposit of $600 AUD is required upon booking to hold your assessment spot, with payment to be made prior to receipt of the final assessment report. Payment can be made via our portal, or we can send you an invoice to arrange payment.

Next steps

To book an assessment online click here, or if you have any questions, get in contact with us. Someone from the NeuroDiversity Hub team will get in touch with you within five working days.

If you are ready to book your assessment, click here to secure your appointment via our secure booking portal.

Please note that spaces are limited and that wait lists may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I receive an official diagnosis?

The BRIEF Autism/ADHD Assessment for Adults is not a formal diagnosis. It is an assessment to indicate what we have found. The findings and assessment report can assist you in pursuing a formal diagnosis that needs to be completed by either a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

These assessments can also be helpful in using the report to assist you in making modifications at work, home or in educational settings.

Does this assessment assist me in accessing the NDIS?

Our BRIEF assessments do not meet the criteria for full diagnostic assessment and diagnosis of autism and/or ADHD that is required by the NDIA to access NDIS funding. To receive a full diagnosis you will need a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist to formalise your diagnosis. However, our BRIEF assessments can assist you in working towards a full diagnosis by reducing time required and costs that are usually associated with exclusively seeing a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.
Our team can assist in connecting you with a suitable clinical psychologist. Please advise prior to booking if you require a full diagnostic assessment for the NDIS.

Does my family need to be involved?

No, however we will require some information that documents your childhood development.

Are there any extra costs or hidden fees?

There are no additional fees for the BRIEF Autism/ADHD Assessment for Adults.

We will always be upfront about any additional assessments we may consider helpful to you, and any additional fees. For example, if there is an indication of reading issues, we may advise on being tested for dyslexia, or if there are challenges with math and numbers, an assessment for dyscalculia.

You do not have to do any additional assessments.

What if I have further questions prior to booking for an assessment?

Please email us at connect @ neurodiversityhub .com and we will endeavour to reply to you within three business days.

I would like more information on accessing a full diagnostic assessment. (May form part of your NDIS application)

I require further information or unsure if this is the right assessment for me