A Diagnostic/Functional Assessment process involves:

  • Review of previous reports by your psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, and/or other allied health therapist.
  • Completion of standardised questionnaires by the child, teen or adult, and their parents, caregivers, family members and/or partner.
  • Scoring and interpretation of questionnaires by your therapist.
  • An initial 90-minute interview prior to undertaking an assessment and to determine whether it will be useful to conduct the whole assessment. Your assessment will be conducted in a separate session.
  • Between one and two hours of assessment, including semi-structured interview and use of standardised and measures. You will be advised length of assessment prior to testing.
  • A one-hour feedback session to convey the results of testing and the recommendations arising from the results.
  • A comprehensive report prepared by your therapist.
  • The fee for the Diagnostic/Functional Assessment includes report preparation. When booking a Diagnostic/Functional Assessment, please let the receptionist know if the report will be required for funding purposes, and which type of funding e.g. applying for the NDIS.

BRIEF Autism/ADHD Assessments for Adults

Reduced cost assessments to formalise your profile and assist in exploring your identity.

$1000 per Assessment*

* Spaces Limited, Wait-list May Apply (For Age 18+)

*Please note, terms and conditions apply and will be explained by admin when you contact us.

This is not a special or discount, this is a service being offered by our therapists/allied health team to assist you in determining your profile.

Are you wondering if you are autistic or ADHD, but not sure?

Do you want to formalise your self-identity but don’t want to spend the money on a full comprehensive assessment?

If this is you, the NeuroDiversity Hub is now offering BRIEF assessments.

This will include:

  • 2 hour semi-structured interview
  • 3 to 4 questionnaires
  • Short (3 to 4 page) report, outlining the assessment results with applicable diagnosis
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