Dr. Amanda Webster (Ph.D.)

Registered Developmental Educator

Associate Professor, Academic Program Director for Autism and Inclusive Education at University of Wollongong

Prior to her academic career, Dr. Webster worked for over 30 years with autistic and neurodivergent students and their families in her roles as a teacher, school leader, program director and certified behavior analyst.

As a researcher with the Australian Autism CRC, she contributed to the national needs analysis project and has led UOW partner with the CRC in co-production of research with autistic community members and their families. She is committed to community-based research with a focus on leadership and facilitation of inclusive cultures and practice that empower students and families to exercise agency in their lives. She has completed several large-scale projects examining the role of leaders in inclusive education reform and the decision-making processes utilised by stakeholders to support students with a range of needs.

She has led the development of a community of practice in which autistic adults, family members and service providers have worked together to identify factors and practices that influence their ability to exercise agency in different settings. This group is now developing a framework to support autistic individuals to demonstrate greater self-determination as they move from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood.

Dr. Webster is actively involved with peak autism and disabilities organisations across Australia and with education departments in Queensland, NSW and Tasmania. Her work has culminated in a number of peer reviewed publications including three books overviewing case studies and models of practice for empowering and supporting autistic and neurodivergent individuals and families in community and school settings.