Adult ADHD Coaching

We believe in the power of personalised coaching to support individuals who have ADHD to unlock their full potential and thrive in all areas of life.

Whether you think you have ADHD, have recently been diagnosed, or have known about your ADHD for a while, we are here to help.

We provide a safe and understanding space where you can openly discuss your challenges, ask questions, discover your strengths, and develop goals and strategies that work for you.

How can Adult ADHD coaching support you?

We tailor coaching to who you are and where you are in your ADHD journey. 

Together we will support you to:

  • learn more about ADHD and what it looks like for you,
  • identify your unique strengths, values and needs, 
  • with any executive functioning challenges you may have,
  • set some simple goals and actions, and to achieve them, 
  • find more balance to live with less overwhelm, 
  • develop effective strategies for avoiding burnout,
  • design your best life with ADHD.

Along the way, we’ll share information and resources with you to help you in the long term.

Who is this for?

  • Adults 18+ 
  • Live in Australia
  • For people who think they have ADHD, are self-diagnosed or formal diagnosis

What to expect

  • Coaching sessions are 50 minutes long.
  • Sessions are held over Zoom.
  • You can book one session or multiple sessions.
  • We require payment to be made in advance to your first session.
  • You are in control of every session, including what we focus on. Your coach will support you in this.
It’s important to note that coaching is not therapy, and that our coaches do not diagnose or prescribe medication.

About our coaches

NeuroDiversity Hub is a neuro-affirming practice.

All of our coaches are neurodivergent and have ADHD or are Autistic and ADHD (AuDHD), so we know first-hand the strengths and complexities of ADHD and the impact it can have on everyday life – including the health impacts and burnout. 

We also understand the value of connecting with other neurodivergent people.

Neurodiversity Hub provides virtual coaching sessions to people living anywhere in Australia and offer flexible coaching options to accommodate your busy schedule and lifestyle. 

To make an appointment, please click HERE.