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BRIEF Autism/ADHD Assessments for Adults

Adult Autism ADHD Assessment Telehealth NDIS

Reduced cost assessments to formalise your profile and assist in exploring your identity.

Cost $1200.00

* Spaces Limited, Wait-list May Apply (For Age 18+)

*Please note, terms and conditions apply and will be explained by admin when you contact us.

**This is not a special or discount, this is a service being offered by our therapists/allied health team to assist you in determining your profile.

Are you wondering if you are autistic or ADHD, but not sure?

Do you want to formalise your self-identity but don’t want to spend the money on a full comprehensive assessment?

If this is you, the NeuroDiversity Hub is now offering BRIEF assessments.

This will include:

  • 2 hour semi-structured interview
  • 3 to 4 questionnaires
  • Comprehensive (4-8 page) report, outlining the assessment results with applicable diagnosis
Nonbinary Adult Autism Assessment Neurodiversity Hub Australia NDIS
Adult Man ADHD Assessment NeuroDiversity Hub Australia NDIS

Read our full information on the BRIEF Autism/ADHD Assessment service/s provided and
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have read the full information on what the assessment consists of and now ready to book my initial 2-hour appointment and have my deposit ready.

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Barb Cook, Registered Developmental Educator, Integrative Nutritionist/Nutrigenomics and Adult ADHD coach provides presentations on a variety of topics. With Barb’s unique perspective as a neurodivergent person – ADHD, autistic and dyslexic – supported by her clinical, academic and research knowledge, Barb will have you engaged and informed. 

Please check back regularly for the latest presentations, or subscribe to our newsletter, keeping you up to date with the latest news and events. 

Online Courses

  • Watch at your own pace
  • 30 days to complete course
  • Certificate of Completion with professional development hours
  • Download handouts and resources

PRICE $69 with 2.5 hours PD Certificate

PRICE $69 with 2.5 hours PD Certificate

PRICE $99 with 4.75 hours PD Certificate

PRICE $39 with 1.5 hours PD Certificate

PRICE $99 with 4.5 hours PD Certificate

PRICE $69 with 2.75 hours PD Certificate

PRICE $79 with 3.5 hours PD Certificate

PRICE $99 with 2.5 hours PD Certificate

PRICE $69 with 2 hours PD Certificate

PRICE $49 with 2 hours PD Certificate

PRICE $39 with 1.5 hours PD Certificate

PRICE $39 with 1.5 hours PD Certificate


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